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Adzooma Online Service

What is Adzooma!

Adzooma is a free award-winning digital marketing platform that’s built to help businesses of any size gain a competitive advantage.

Adzooma is fully integrated with Google, Facebook and Microsoft ads and it's packed with all the tools you need to make paid advertising faster and more effective, the Adzooma platform analyses connected accounts 24/7 for opportunities to improve performance, over 50 of which can be applied to user accounts with a single click.

Adzooma is full of time-saving and profit-boosting features giving users more time to work on the overall strategy without getting tied up in menial tasks.

Adzooma is designed to reduce daily PPC management and optimization tasks to just minutes a day and make it easy to manage multiple accounts.

Why you should try Adzooma!

Time-consuming: manual tasks can be fully automated, reports are automatically generated and sent to colleagues and clients with the click of a button, while you can also manage your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads all from one screen.

Create, Manage, and Optimize Paid Ads: Manage, optimize, and grow your Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising campaigns all in one, easy-to-use platform.

Connect multiple accounts: and optimize all campaigns from one platform. This allows agencies to take on more clients by automating workflows and using AI-driven data to make lightning-quick decisions. All while staying informed and in complete control of everything with instant notifications.

SEO Made Simple: Maximize your online visibility and website traffic with recommendations that tell you exactly how to improve your Google rankings.

Playbooks and Courses: Gain expert knowledge, get certified, and grow your business with marketing playbooks, easy-to-follow video tutorials, and accredited courses.

How to get started Adzooma!

You can start optimizing your business right now by creating a free account on adzooma by clicking HERE


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