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Taxdoo Tax Service

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

What is Taxdoo?

Taxdoo is an automated financial compliance platform developing a sales-tax automation software to manage sales tax in online retail.

Taxdoo is the digital one-stop shop for online retailers, providing services for complete automation of Europe-wide sales tax compliance. By automatically pulling transaction data relevant VAT for the marketplaces, shop systems and ERP systems, tax management becomes easy and efficient.

What does Taxdoo do?

All transaction data (sales, refunds and stock movements) for an online vendor is automatically collected and updated via interfaces with Amazon, eBay and ERP systems (e.g. JTL, plentymarkets, Afterbuy and Billbee), so no manual uploads are required. Its interfaces to ERP systems, in particular, provide multi-channel retailers with a clear advantage: All sales channels included in the ERP system are automatically factored in and evaluated in respect of sales tax. There is no need to manually aggregate data from different sales channels.

Transaction data from previous years can also be processed retroactively. An open API also means that external developers are able to connect any e-commerce channel with Taxdoo.

Taxdoo’s sales tax engine monitors delivery thresholds in other EU countries on a daily basis and carries out multiple plausibility checks in order to minimize risk. Daily exchange rates and different tax rates are automatically taken into account. The vendor or tax advisor can get a quick overview of their sales tax obligations in the Taxdoo dashboard.

The data prepared by Taxdoo can be used by any vendor or tax advisor for submission abroad. Taxdoo also works with local tax advisors across the whole of the EU to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and facilitate effective communication with the relevant tax authorities.

The Taxdoo data can also be exported to DATEV format so that it can be used for accounting purposes. Taxdoo enables the creation of documentation for all e-commerce transactions that are both audit-proof and compliant with the German GoBD directive.

Why you should try Taxdoo?

Tax obligations in the EU can be automatically fulfilled via automated data processing and (where required) the transfer of data directly to tax advisors in other EU countries. This makes Taxdoo the digital one-stop shop for sales tax across the whole EU. Taxdoo provides online vendors with a “comprehensive sales tax package” — from automatic data extraction through to tax filing in other EU countries.

How to get started with Taxdoo?

You simply register online with Taxdoo and connect your VAT channels or your ERP / WaWi system in just a few minutes. The Taxdoo basic package is required to use Taxdoo. However, you can register for Free Trial by clicking HERE.

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