• Mounir Lakrouf

Sendinblue Email Service

Updated: Jun 22

What is Sendinblue!

Sendinblue is a relationship marketing platform that can be used to send emails to your customers. The software automates the process of relationship building. From the pricing to its top features, the software has perfectly tuned the offering for small business users.

The company was established in 2010 by Kapil Sharma and Armand Theberge. With its headquarters located in Paris, France, the software house has more than 184 million employees with total earnings amounting to $37.66 million in 2018.

The company boasts more than 100,000 customers located in different places around the world including the US, the UK, Mexico, India, Argentina, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Romania, Japan, Malaysia, Chile, Morocco, Peru, Turkey, and Australia.

You can use the relationship management tool to send thousands of emails per month. The software also supports SMS, CRM, automated workflows, advanced reporting, and much more. Let’s take a look at some of the top features of this excellent relationship marketing tool.

How Does Sendinblue Work!

Sendinblue started as a simple email marketing platform that evolved into a comprehensive marketing hub in just a couple of years. The platform delivers improved template design, customisable chat solutions, SMS campaigns, and a built-in CRM, making it an excellent choice for small-to-medium businesses, Here are some of the Sendinblue features:

Email editor: SendinBlue has a simple drag-and-drop editor with a navigation bar you can use to customise your templates.

Personalisation: One of the platform’s best features is the tool that allows users to add contact attribute placeholders in emails making messages more personal.

Email types: Users can send transactional messages, newsletters, SMS messages, and customisable autoresponders.

Template design: SendinBlue has around 40 customisable template designs in its library.

List management: Users can add, export, and edit contacts, as well as create lists based on consumer behaviour, activity, location, and lead scores. This is similar to how easy and straightforward managing contacts are on Constant Contact.

Languages: SendinBlue is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German.

Opt-in and Opt-out forms: Like Moosend and MailerLite, SendinBlue opt-in and opt-out forms help users remain GDPR compliant and ensure better deliverability.

Reports and analytics: SendinBlue offers in-depth analytics and reporting that help you track the success of the email marketing campaign.

Deliverability: SendinBlue has impressive deliverability rates. Many Sendinblue reviews argue it’s the best platform for making sure your emails get to your subscriber's inboxes. However, the company’s rate has gone down in the latest testing, falling behind rivals like ConvertKit and MailerLite.

Email preview: Before you send an email marketing campaign, SendinBlue allows you to review them and make any last-minute adjustments.

A/B testing: with SendinBlue is limited to subject lines only. For more detailed reports and advanced testing features, take a look at AWeber.

SendinBlue customer support: The company has 24/7 live chat and email support, as well as a blog with tutorials on how to use certain features.

Why you should try Sendinblue!

Sendinblue is easily one of the most popular email marketing platforms available today, Not only is Sendinblue designed for simplicity and accessibility, but it offers an affordable email service to companies of all sizes and backgrounds. Indeed, the Sendinblue tool is one of the cheapest on the market, and it comes with a user-friendly free plan that’s available for beginners too. If you’re looking for a service that offers the perfect combination of SMS campaigns, WordPress interoperability, and opt-in opportunities, then this could be the tool for you. If you upgrade from a free plan to the “Lite” service for your small business, then you can also get sensational email service for as little as $25 per month.

Don’t worry, the Sendinblue plugin will ensure that you can enjoy the benefits of your email campaigns combined with your site and landing page building tools too.

For the most part, people feel overwhelmingly positive about the experience that they can get from Sendinblue. The cost of the software is relatively good, and it's worth noting that the tool comes with some pretty impressive analytics tools too.

  • Sendinblue features powerful and flexible email automation functionalities.

  • Sendinblue’s Premium plan comes with an extra landing page builder for the creation and review of landing pages.

  • There are numerous attractive templates and design tools you can capitalize on to make your email designing and review process much easier.

  • Sendinblue’s customer support teams review issues raised and respond swiftly through email (contact@sendinblue.com), live chat, and phone.

  • Compared to its competitors’ cost reviews, Sendinblue plans are reasonably priced.

  • Sendinblue features a free plan, complete with contact management and email automation functionalities.

How to get started with Sendinblue!

Creating a campaign in Sendinblue is a quick and simple process all you have to do is click HERE and create an account and choose a plan that suit you, then start by setting up your campaign.