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OuiTrust Bank Service

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

What is OuiTrust?

OuiTrust is a Fintech designed for online account opening, card issuance, global clearing, foreign exchange and acquiring services (Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, VISA or MasterCard) services for European SMEs and self-employed.

The core members of the company are from well-known financial and technology companies such as Ant Financial, Huawei, HSBC, Western Union and BNP Paribas.

OuiTrust operates under the Electronic Money Institution (EMI )license authorized by the UK FCA and granted as an EMI by l’Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) Banque de France after Brexit.

Why should you use OuiTrust?

Reason 1: Multi-currency accounts, make your business easier.

For many SMEs in Europe with international trade needs, the bank account application is tedious and costly and the long process of identity checks also frustrates many merchants. The purpose of OuiTrust is to provide faster and more efficient services for those European SMEs:

  • 30+ Currencies Supported.

  • Countless payment cards.

  • Real-Time Transfers in GBP, EUR, CNY.

  • Personalized logo for your debit card.

  • Cheaper SEPA/FPS payment fees.

  • Close to the interbank exchange rate.

  • Account management fees low as 0.

  • Collection/payment in 100+ countries.

  • 7/24 online customer service.

OuiTrust also supports SEPA&SEPA INSTANT / FPS / SWIFT / ACH clearing networks and provides our clients with faster remittance and a favourable price!

Reason 2: Fast Payment to your Chinese Partner.

Whether you are a Chinese merchant in Europe or a local European company partnering with China, the advantages of OuiTrust can help your company achieve faster payment to your business partner and make the cooperation between you closer.

  • Manage all online.

  • A competitive exchange rate is usually 0.3-0.5% better than the bank exchange rate.

  • Lower SWIFT fees.

  • Directly transfer to the beneficiary’s bank card or Alipay account.

Reason 3: More easier to collect money from Chinese Customers.

  • Alipay/WeChat Pay/ UnionPay (B2C) collection.

  • General Trade Credit (B2B).

  • Faster cash arrival and more flexibility.

Reason 4: Technology Advantage.

Cloud computing technology is applied to build a distributed micro-service architecture with a carrier level of 99.999% reliability and an average transaction delay of fewer than 100 milliseconds. The core system adopts a multi-site heterogeneous cloud deployment scheme and 100% financial-level data security to ensure the safety and reliability of customer funds.

How to get started?

You can start using OuiTrust services right now by clicking HERE. Don't forget to complete the KYC verification to benefit from all their services.

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