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Xbox Game Pass with Movistar

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

What is Movistar!

Movistar is a major telecommunications brand owned by Telefónica, operating in Spain and in many Latin American countries. It is the largest mobile phone operator in Spain with 22 million customers and 41.58% of the market share, where it also markets landline, broadband and pay television.

Movistar brand has been in use in Spain since the launch of GSM services in 1995. The name became effective worldwide on April 5, 2005, after Telefónica purchased the BellSouth mobile operations branch in South America. After the purchase of O2 in 2005 by Telefonica, the company announced that the «O2» brand would continue to be used in the United Kingdom and Germany, as a separate branch with its own board and management structure.

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a video game subscription service from Microsoft. The service grant users access to a rotating catalogue of games from a range of publishers and other premium services, including Xbox Live Gold and EA Play, for a single monthly subscription price.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service is available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, as well as Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices via Xbox Cloud Gaming, and PC by providing the service to personal computers using Windows 11 and Windows 10 with support for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

What promo does Movistar offer with XGP!

Movistar offers their customer a Movistar Subscription that provides an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate package, in addition to all the benefits of the Xbox package itself (a catalogue of more than 100 games with blockbusters, EA sports, etc.), customers benefit from a one-month free trial ( then €12.99/month), 20GB extra per month free for your mobile, without permanence.

How to claim the promotion!

If you are a Movistar customer you can start an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for a Free one-month trial right now by clicking HERE or on the banner below.

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